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Are you tired of that old game? Are you seeking for a new and challenging experience? Color switch is the new kid on the block. The android based reflex games is fast gaining popularity and easy to play. It entails keeping the bouncing ball in the air and matching the color to an obstacle to pass through it. Obstacles to tackle keep moving while the ball changing colors hence the challenge to hit the obstacle when the right color is on.

Why seek the game

Unlike most of the popular games, this is not a repetitive game. Different colors including yellow, black, magenta and violet always keep the game looking new and fresh. On succeeding at each target an effervescent star bursts giving motivation to achieve more. Failure is announced by a scattering dissolve that is appealing for you to try harder.

Obstacles and shapes appear simple to pass. However, they are more difficult and provide with the challenge that keeps the fire burning. Posing no frustrations, the challenge keeps you glued to the game in an addictive manner.

Soundtracks in the game are awesome. Unlike some games that produce annoying sounds to the ears, color switch produce an upbeat chill that creates a retro effect. So sweet is the music that it is enjoyable even without playing the game.

Though the game is progressive, the option to stick to one area is available. This gives the chance to enjoy every moment of the game to satisfaction. This also provides a chance to stick around waiting for the right moment to strike and advance progressively.

Learning the game

Created in a simple to play mode, the game also comes with challenges and obstacles. Death is imperative when there is a new obstacle. Learning through mistakes, perseverance and determination are the key drivers to learning the game and garnering high scores. Changing color and speed of the shapes is common in the game and hence patience is required to master how this occurs and in such way provide an opportunity to hit the right block and make progress.


You do not need to sit on the couch to enjoy the game. Whether you are in the bus or train traveling or at the station as you wait, the game is a perfect companion. Available from the appstore, it is the perfect way to engage as you wait and you will never notice how fast the time passes. Despite the challenge, the game is easily addictive and do not worry if you find you are always looking forward to that moment when you can play the game uninterrupted.