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Happy Wheels

BMX_Park II is a featured level in the popular Happy Wheels game. The forced playable character in the level is Irresponsible Dad. Even though, there was an earlier version for this, the second edition became hugely popular and recorded a massive 39, 500, 000 plays. The level comprises of jumps, grind rails and loops just like the ones found in BMX tournaments. It was designed by Siaba and has a rating of 4.35 stars. BMX Park II is the third most played level in Happy Wheels game.

The featured level BMX_Park II was designed by Siaba. The designer revealed that he completed the first version of BMX Park within a week’s time but it took too many weeks to complete the second version. The original first iteration recorded only 66,000 plays while a massive 39, 500, 000 plays were recorded for this one. The official date on which it was created is August 21st, 2010. With over 81,000 votes, it stays as the third most played level on Happy Wheels. Because of its popularity, a screenshot from the level was used in the game menu for sometime.
Level Design

BMX Park II features all the essential additions found in BMX tournaments including rails, grinds, high jumps, ramps and graffiti. The finish line is on the other end of the screen and it can only be reached when the obstacles are crossed successfully. But, most players tend to over shoot themselves which will crash Irresponsible Dad onto the side of the map which instantly kills the character.
Game play

Featuring variety of areas to perform stunts and tricks, BMX_Park II brings the sport to life. The combination with one of the popular Happy Wheels character, Irresponsible Dad simplys makes it more addictive for players. It is the 9th oldest featured level and also has a BMX Park II grinder test sub-level for those who like to try it. An i-beam is on the top to prevent the character from ‘flying over’.



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